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As with most Hive Five posts, if your favorite was left out, it's not because we hate itit's because it didn't get the nominations required in the call for contenders post to make the top five.
Several international reports testify that we conduct world-class research and belong to the Top 50 of the worlds young universities.Battle of the Video Chat Applications, but just because we liked our winner doesn't mean that you did.Still, complaints are rising about Skype: the influence Microsoft will have, the rise of paid features, and application bloat have all made many of you wary enough to look for alternatives.Read more Read, anyMeeting, strictly, AnyMeeting is more of a amatør par på cam videoconferencing service than it is a video chat service, but it fills the role nicely enough that some of you nominated.New study: What happens when sea levels rise and coastal land gets flooded?CamFrog, which came pretty close to AV in nominations.Screen sharing, presentation uploading, video sharing, and a custom URL for your account and all of your meetings are just some of the features the service offers.Skip to Content, your browser does not support html5 video.There's a massive, thriving community of people all over the world using TinyChat's free chat rooms and video broadcasting services.Read more, international student?Let's hear it in the comments.Add onto that the fact that Google Hangouts lets you share your desktop, has built-in drawing, collaboration, and other tools and apps, supports screen sharing, and wants to be a unified video, photo, and chat interface, and it's your favorite online meeting service, and you.Even so, Skype is hardly the.Plus, many of you highlighted Google Talk's high performance on systems with varying specs, even low-end machines.Want to make the case for your personal favorite, even if it wasn't included in the list?It's also cross-platform, and Google just announced video for Google Talk on Android last month.Google Hangouts Is the Best Free Group Video Chat We've Seen.
With AnyMeeting, even free accounts can bring 200 people to the party (you just can't record your meeting).
If you need a little face time with friends and family that live far away, firing up a video chat has never been easier.

Inviting other people to hang out is as easy as emailing them, and if they have Google accounts as well, it's even easier.
Any more than that and you can pay per use, or per month, depending on the features you want.